No. Principal Investigator Tittle Certificate No. Approved Date
1. Dr. San San Htwe Deputy Director DMR (LM) Flow Cytometry immunophenotyping in multiple myeloma 1/Ethics 2015 21.1.2015
2. Dr. Yin Min Htun Research Scientist DMR (LM) Prognostic value of p53 and apoptotic index(AI) in gastric cancer 2/Ethics 2015 6.2.2015
3. Dr. Nyi Nyi Win Dr. Aung Zaw Latt Daw Kay Thi Aye Whole-Genome Sequencing of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Strains from Myanmar 3/ Ethics 2015 21.1.2015
4. Dr. Htet Nay Lin Oo,Dr. PH student Johns Hopkins University Private Sector Mobilization: Systems thinking to Understand Sustainability of HIV/AIDS workplace Programs in Small and Medium Businesses

in Myanmar

4/ Ethics 2015 21.1.2015
5. Muhammad Shafique

BCC specialist Dr. Jeffrey Hii Senior Vector Control Advisor

Malaria Consortium

Addition of entomological surveys into Assessing the impact of a Positive Deviance Approach in Improving Dengue Prevention and Treatment Seeking Behaviour 5/ Ethics 2015 21.1.2015
6. Dr. Khin Mittar Moe San Master student

University of Indonesia

Association between obesity and chronic low grade inflammation measured by dietary inflammatory index

among school teachers in Yangon, Myanmar

6/ Ethics 2015 21.1.2015
7. Dr. Htin Aung Saw Associate Professor

Waibargi Specialist Hospital

Role      of      urinary      LAM     antigen (lipoarabinomannan) test in diagnosis of

extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV infected patients

7/ Ethics 2015 6.2.2015
8. Mr. Benjamin Dickson

Associate Professor Patricia Graves James Cook


The Prevalence of endemic lymphatic filariasis in Mandalay Region, Myanmar 8/ Ethics 2015 6.2.2015
9. Dr. Sharmila Shetty CDC

Ms. Janet Ousley MSF-Switzerland

Long-term Clinical, Immunological and Virological Outcomes of HIV-infected parents in

Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar

9/ Ethics 2015 6.2.2015
10. Dr. Nay Thiha Laboratory Manager The Union Treatment failure among HIV patients on first line d4t/AZT based regimens under integrated HIV care program in Myanmar 10/ Ethics 2015 6.2.2015
11. Dr. San Shwe

Director (Rtd.) DMR (LM)

Awareness   of   Breast   Cancer  among Women  attending the Out-patient Department  of   the Central  Women Hospital, Mandalay, 2015 11/ Ethics


12. Daw Sandar Tun RO


Assessment of nutritional status among 24-59 months old children by measuring mid-upper-arm circumference (MUAC)

in Htan-ta-pin Township

12/ Ethics 2015 19.2.15
13. Dr. Moh Moh Hlaing



Food and nutrition surveillance among primary school children: Study on diet consumption pattern and nutritional


13/ Ethics 2015 19.2.15
14. Dr. Thae Maung Maung

Research Officer DMR (LM)

How women are treated during facility- based childbirth: development and validation of measurement tools in four


14/ Ethics 2015 19.2.15
15 Dr. Han Win Deputy Director DMR (LM) Safety and immunogenicity of recombinant hepatitis B vaccine produced by Beijing Tiantan Biological

Products Ltd. China

15/ Ethics 2015 11.3.15
16 Dr. Aye Aye Lwin

Deputy Director DMR (LM)

Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C viral infections in Myanmar 16/ Ethics 2015 11.3.15
17 Dr. Myo Myo Mon R.S


Grouped mindfulness training for improving psychological and reproductive behaviors among

adolescents with parental HIV infection

17/ Ethics 2015 11.3.15
18 Dr. Aye Aye Win RS


Molecular diagnosis of occult Hepatitis B Viral infection among Chronic Hepatitis C patients attending the Hepatitis Carrier Clinic, Department of

Medical Research (Lower Myanmar)

18/ Ethics 2015 20.3.15
19 Prof. Nwe Nwe Prof. and Head Cardiology

Department, YGH

An investigation into the genotype- phenotype characteristics of Brugada Syndrome in Southeast Asia 19/ Ethics 2015 25.3.15
20 Dr. Theingi Thwin Director


Assessment of nutritional status through body composition measurements by deuterium dilution technique in children living in areas targeted agricultural

intervention for food security (42/Ethics 2013)

20/ Ethics 2015 25.3.15
21 Dr. Freya Fowkes Head of Malaria and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Group

Dr. Win Han Oo Program Manager

Effectiveness of repellent delivered through village health volunteers on malaria incidence in artemisinin resistance containment programs in South-East Myanmar 21/ Ethics 2015 25.3.15
22 Dr. Yi Yi Kyaw Deputy Director DMR (LM) Detection of Hepatitis B virus X and

core promoter mutations and gene expression study on Myanmar patients with HBV induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

22/ Ethics 2015 25.3.15
23 Dr. Wah Wah Aung Deputy Director DMR(LM) Molecular typing and detection of drug resistant mutations in multidrug resistant

Mycobacterium      tuberculosis      strains from Myanmar

23/ Ethics 2015 25.3.15
24 Dr. Khin Myo Aye RO


Efficacy           and           safety           of dihydroartemisinin- piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Myawaddy sentinel sites, Kayin State in Myanmar.

(52/ Ethics 2013)

24/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
25 Dr. Myat Htut Nyunt



Efficacy and safety of artemether- lumefantrine                (AL)                and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (DP) for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria and chloroquine followed by primaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium vivax malaria in Paletwa, Chin State in Myanmar. (53/ Ethics


25/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
26 Dr. Nan Cho Nwe Mon


Characterization of the drug resistance molecular markers in severe and complicated malaria in Myanmar.

(29/Ethics 2014)

26/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
27 Dr. Aye Aye Myint R.S(Rtd.)


Validation    of    clinical    features    and diagnostic       tests       for       snakebite

envenoming      in      Magway     Region, Myanmar

27/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
28 Dr. Nay Tun Kyaw

Study Fellow Mahidol University

Infant feeding practices of caretakers in

Hlaingtharyar    Township    in    Yangon Region, Myanmar

28/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
29 Dr. Thet May Hnin Oo

Postgraduate Student

UCSI University

Awareness, Perception and Acceptance of botulinum toxin A (Botox) for the treatment of facial wrinkles in Yangon, Myanmar 29/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
30 Dr. Su Latt Tun Myint


Factors influencing willingness to use chlorine products to treat drinking water at point-of-use in peri-urban households,

Yangon Region

30/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
31 Dr. Kay Thwe Han

Deputy Director DMR (LM)

Monitoring of drug resistant malaria by

therapeutic efficacy trial and molecular tool (DMR-KOICA follow up project)

31/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
32 Dr. Tun Myint Aye Medical Superintendent Traditional Medicine Hospital, Yangon Effectiveness        of        Herbal        Hot Fomentation Therapy in Post Stroke Patients 32/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
33 Daw Win Thaw Tar Lwin


Ascertaining the presence of natural radionuclides in different sources of drinking water in peri-urban eco-setting 33/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
34 Dr. Pyone Mjinzu Lwin

Student, Master of Primary Health Care

Management, Mahidol University

Predictors of Nurses’ Intention to remain Employed at Hospitals in Yangon Region, Myanmar 34/ Ethics 2015 22.4.15
35 Dr. Khin Zarni

MSc student UCSI University

Quality of Life and Acceptance of

Aesthetic Treatments for Atrophic Acne Scars in Yangon, Myanmar

35/ Ethics 2015 8.5.15
36 Dr. Wai Phyo Han Student, Master of Primary Health Care Management, ASEAN Institute for Health

Development, Mahidol University

Adherence to anti-hypertensive treatment in Essential Hypertensive patients in Yangon, Myanmar: A Mixed Methods study 36/ Ethics 2015 8.5.15
37 Dr. Tin Aung Director (Strategic Information Dept.)


Factors influencing the performance of Sun Primary Health (SPH) working in PSI/Myanmar’s Tuberculosis (TB)


37/ Ethics 2015 8.5.15
38 Dr. Myaing Myaing Nyunt

Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore

New    Surveillance    tool    for    malaria elimination in Myanmar 38/ Ethics 2015 8.5.15
39 Dr. Htin Lin RO


Subtyping of influenza viruses among children with influenza-like illness attending two Children Hospitals in

Yangon, 2015

39/ Ethics 2015 11.5.15
40 Dr. Zin Zin Thu RS


HLA Class I and Class II alleles and haplotypes frequencies in Kachin, Mon

and Shan ethnic, Myanmar

40/ Ethics 2015 2.6.15
41 Dr. Theingi Win Myat


Identification of dengue virus serotypes in    children    with    dengue    infection

attending   Yangon   Children    Hospital (2015)

41/ Ethics 2015 2.6.15
42 Dr. Kyu Kyu Than Myanmar Country Program Advisor

Burnet Institute

The role of Auxiliary Midwives in community-based maternal and child health care in Myanmar: an assessment

of the feasibility of task shifting

42/ Ethics 2015 2.6.15
43 Prof. Chris Beyrer Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Soe Naing International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Myanmar

Continuum    of    Care    for    MSM    in Myanmar 43/ Ethics 2015 16.6.15
44 Dr. Min Yu Aung M.O

National AIDS Program

Integrated Bio-behavioral Surveys (IBBS) for HIV/AIDS and Population Size Estimations (PSE) among Key Populations 44/ Ethics 2015 16.6.15
45 Dr. Zarni Htun Candidate of MMSc-GHD

Program Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Harvard Medical School, Harvard


How the National HIV/AIDS Response can strengthen the Health System in Myanmar through the support of Global Health Initiatives 45/ Ethics 2015 16.6.15
46 Dr. Thida Kyaw Project Manager Marie Stopes International in


Situation analysis on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services provided by Marie Stopes International in Myanmar (MSIM): Consumer insight

by qualitative approach

46/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
47 Dr. Theingi Thwin Director, DMR Dr. Jacques G. Bindels

Danone-Nutricia ELN

Three-arm cluster randomized nutritional assessment, dietary intervention and gut microbiome study in Myanmar children (7-24 months) 47/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
48 Dr. Kyu Kyu Than Myanmar Country Program Advisor

Burnet Institute

Perspectives of an inhaled uterotonic medication for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in low

resource settings

48/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
49 Dr. Saw Saw DD


Accelerated    Case    Finding    for    TB through mobile teams and community

involvement: A Process evaluation

49/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
50 Prof. Nay Soe Maung

Rector, UOPH Prof. Sir Roy

Anderson Director

Imperial Collage, London, UK

Study on the distribution of common parasitic      helminth      infections     and

compliance        with       the       national deworming  programme  in  two villages in lower Myanmar

50/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
51 Dr. Soe Min Team Leader Free Medical Services Mobile

Team, Yangon Region

Exploratory study on utilization patterns of Ganoderma lucidum products as food supplement in selected communities 51/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
52 Dr. Mon Mon Consultant International Myanmar Research Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer among healthcare providers, peri-urban and rural women in Yamaethin and South Dagon


52/ Ethics 2015 2.7.15
53 Dr. Saw Saw DD


Role of Voluntary Health Workers in maternal and child health care for migrants in Myanmar: A Qualitative


53/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
54 Dr. Wai Wai Han RO


Cost effectiveness of community based Active TB case Finding in Myanmar 54/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
55 Dr. Wai Wai Han RO


Access to maternal, newborn and child

health care services among migrants in Myanmar

55/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
56 Dr. Khin Lin Dy DG (Expert) DMR (POL) A multicenter, randomized trial to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Triple Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (TACT) compared to Artemisinin-based               Combination

Therapies (ACT) in uncomplicated falciparum malaria

56/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
57 Daw Yi Yi Mya DD


Laboratory evaluation of plant-based repellent cream against Aedes aegypti


57/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
58 Dr. Sai Zaw Min Oo RO


Dengue vector control at primary schools in Hlaing Tharyar Township, Myanmar using newly formulated long lasting insect growth regulator, Pyriproxyfen 58/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
59 Dr. Aung Thi DyDirector (Malaria) NMCP

Ms. Arantxa Roca Asia Technical

Director, Malaria


Myanmar    Malaria    Indicator   Survey, 2015 59/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
60 Dr. Poe Poe Aung Senior Technical Specialist (Research) Burnet Institute


An evaluation of an integrated community and clinical based intervention to improve sexual health of men who have sex with men in Myanmar (27/Ethics 2014) 60/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
61 Dr. Myaing Myaing Nyunt

Assistant Professor of Medicine, UMB

Burden of malaria and co-infections in pregnant women 61/ Ethics 2015 21.7.15
62 Dr Khine Thet Su Second year Master student

The University of Tokyo

Factors associated with private General Practitioners’ adherence to national guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of uncomplicated malaria cases in artemisinin-resistant areas of Myanmar 62/Ethics 2015 4.8.15
63 Dr. Aung Kyaw Kyaw



Genomic           differences,          growth characteristics     and    Innate    immune

response patterns of clinical isolates of Dengue Viruses from Myanmar

63/Ethics 2015 4.8.15
64 Dr. Win Lai May RS


Impact        of        Glucose-6-Phosphate

Dehydrogenase Deficiency on Dengue infection in Myanmar Children

64/Ethics 2015 4.8.15
65 Dr. Htet Myat Win Maung The contribution of a Community Based

TB care Programme by Local NGOs to TB case finding in Myanmar

65/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
66 Dr. Wai Wai Han Cost per TB patient diagnosed and treated in a community-based program

by     INGO    in     hard-to-reach     areas, Myanmar

66/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
67 Dr. Thin Thin Nwe Engagement of public and private actors

in TB care in Myanmar: who are the patients and what are their outcomes?

67/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
68 Dr. Kyaw Thu Soe Contribution     of     community     based tuberculosis care by international non-

governmental organizations (INGOs) in Myanmar

68/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
69 Dr. Ohnmar Myint Active tuberculosis case finding by mobile teams in Myanmar: yield and

treatment outcomes

69/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
70 Dr. Wint Phyo Than Knowledge, ownership and utilization  of bed-nets among migrants at household level in an area at high risk for malaria transmission and

Artemisinin resistance in Myanmar

70/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
71 Dr. Thet Wai Nwe Malaria profile and challenges in Artemisinin Resistance Containment in Myanmar in relation to planned


71/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
72 Dr. Thae Maung Maung Ownership and utilization of bed-nets at

houseful level in relation to artemisinin resistant areas in Myanmar

72/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
73 Dr. Moe Kyaw Myint Treatment failures on Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies for Plasmodium falciparum in Myanmar-China and Myanmar-India border areas in 2012

and 2014

73/Ethics 2015 17.8.15
74 Dr. Shwe Zin Hla Shwe

Child Rights Monitoring Specialist


Situation    analysis    on    children    with disabilities in Myanmar 74/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
75 Dr. Hnin Wai Hlaing

Deputy Country Director, Jhpiego

Assessment of antenatal care, including malaria in pregnancy, in three regions of Myanmar 75/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
76 Dr. Ni Ni Country Manager

Ipas, Myanmar

Understanding      the      Pathways      to Postabortion Care in Three Regions of


76/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
77 Dr. Nway Htike Maw


Assessment of erythrocyte magnesium and serum calcium level in postmenopausal women 77/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
78 Dr. Khin Mi Mi Lay RS


Physical fitness of Myanmar elderly

people    from    Home    for    the    Aged (Hninzigone), Yangon

78/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
79 Dr. Myo Myo Mon DD


Assessment on cascade of prevention of mother-to-child transmission services received by HIV positive mothers

during 2012 to 2014, Myanmar

79/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
80 Dr. Khin La Pyae Tun


Relationship between coagulation parameters and disease severity in patients with primary lung cancer 80/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
81 Dr. Theingi Win Myat


Molecular detection of dengue viruses in adult dengue patients admitted to Yangon General Hospital 81/Ethics 2015 3.9.15
82 Dr Myo Kyaw lwin

Save the Children

Adherence to Primaquine treatment in

Six States and Regions in Myanmar



83 Dr. Thet Tin Tun

Senior Technical

Specialist, Burnet

Institute, Myanmar

The Socioeconomic Impacts of HIV at a

Household level in Myanmar (38/Ethics 2014)



84 Prof. Ohnmar Prof. & Head Physiology Dept. UM (1)

Dr. Khin Mi Mi Lay RS


Influence of electrical ionic field exposure on red cell deformability, resting metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity in obese adult females 84/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
85 Dr. Si Thu Aung DD


Nationwide    TB-Related    Catastrophic Costs Survey in Myanmar 85/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
86 Dr. San Hone AD (NAP) DoPH Decentralization of HIV testing and Cascades of Treatment and Care for Prevention of Mother to Child

Transmission of HIV in Townships of Myanmar

86/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
87 Dr. Wai Wai Han RO


Assessment of patient satisfaction in community based TB care 87/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
88 Dr. Saw Myat Thwe RS


Bacteriological study and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern among tonsillitis patients attending selected clinics in

Pyin Oo Lwin Township during 2016- 2017

88/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
89 Dr. Khin Moe Aung RS


Metabolic Risk Factors and Associated Morbidities among Adult Urban People

in Pyin Oo Lwin Township

89/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
90 Dr. Kyaw Thu Soe RO


Accessibility to Tuberculosis diagnosis and    treatment    services    among    TB

patients from rural areas of Mandalay Region

90/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
91 Dr. Aung Thu RO


Occurrence of malaria infection among migrant workers in Naungcho Township 91/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
92 Daw Phyu Phyu Win



Comparison of microscopic examination and RDT test for diagnosis of vivax malaria 92/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
93 Dr. Nanda Ko RO


Prevalence of anaemia among elderly persons in selected village of Pyi Oo

Lwin Township

93/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
94 Dr. Nyein Nyein Thaung



Prevalence iron deficiency anaemia among reproductive age women in Pyin Oo Lwin Township 94/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
95 Dr. Kyaw Oo

Director DMR (POL)

Needs of  clients and  providers  relating

to   quality   HIV   prevention   and  care services for key population



96 Dr. Saw Myat Thwe RS


Cervical cancer screening among all married    women    in    Pyin    Oo    Lwin


96/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
97 Dr. Khin Lin Study on diagnosis and treatment of

mosquito borne diseases in selected townships of Mandalay Region

97/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
98 Dr. Khin Moe Aung RS


Prevalence of thyroid disorders among adult women attending medical OPD clinics at 300-bedded Pyin Oo Lwin

General Hospital

98/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
99 Dr. Kyaw Thu Soe RO


Contribution    of   people    living    with HIV/AIDS in Prevention and treatment

of HIV/AIDS in the communities

99/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
100 Dr. Nyein Nyein Thaung



Study of intestinal worm infestation among adult people at Pin-Tee village, Pyin Oo Lwin Township 100/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
101 Dr. Yadanar Aung RO


Outcomes of free medical services on health care system of Mandalay General


101/Ethics 2015 7.10.15
102 Ms Kyong Ran van der Wal Acceptability of mHealth tools in a Maternal and Child Health program in Myanmar; a qualitative study (72/Ethics


102/Ethics 2015 13.10.15
103 Dr. Ye Htut DMR Pilot      studies      of     the      molecular epidemiology of drug resistant malaria

in Myanmar (65/Ethics 2014)

103/Ethics 2015 26.10.15
104 Dr. Saw Saw DD


Factors for sustainability of community

health volunteers for TB control in Myanmar

104/Ethics 2015 26.10.15
105 Dr. Mya Mya Aye DD, DMR

Dr. Khwar Nyo Zin Senior Consultant Microbiologist, YGH

Distribution of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar 105/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
106 Dr. Chaw Yin Myint

Director (Public Health and Hygiene)

Water Research and Training Center Myanmar

A Universal Health Insurance Scheme in Myanmar 106/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
107 Dr. Mya Ohnmar RS


Assessment of risk of malnutrition of elderly people in the selected townships

in Yangon Region

107/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
108 Dr. Theingi Win Myat


Surveillance of rotavirus diarrhea in children under five years of age admitted to Yangon Children Hospital

(59/Ethics 2014)

108/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
109 Dr. Frank Smithuis MAM


Targeted Mass Treatment (TMT) in areas of suspected or proven artemisinin

resistance in Kayin State, Myanmar (74/Ethics 2014)

109/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
110 Dr. Yin Thet Nu Oo RS


Service delivery barriers and accessibility to harm reduction services among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in Kachin State, Myanmar: Focus on HCT and ART referral

services in selected DICs of SARA

110/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
111 Dr. Soe Lwin Nyein DG (DoPH)

Daw Aye Aye Sein DyDG (DoPH)

Dr Thet Thet Mu Director (DoPH)

Myanmar    Demographic    and    Health Survey (2015-2016) 111/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
112 Dr. Tin Mi Mi Khaing

Regional TB Officer NTP, Yangon Region

Dr. Su Su Hlaing Deputy Distric MO East Distric Public Health Dept.

Yangon Region

The Study on prevalence of Tuberculosis among patients with Diabetes mellitus attending Insein General Hospital 112/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
113 Prof. F. Nosten SMRU Targeted mass treatment (TMT) in areas of suspected or proven artemisinin resistance in Kayin State, Myanmar

(73/Ethics 2014)

113/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
114 Dr. Si Thura CPI Identification of malaria hotspots and Targeted Mass Treatment (TMT) in Taninthayi Region, Myanmar (75/Ehics


114/Ethics 2015 17.11.15
115 Ms. Janet Ousley Epidemiologist MSF-Switzerland Psycho-social and Environmental Correlates of Clinical and Immuno- Virological outcomes in HIV-Infected

Adolescents on ART in Myanmar

115/Ethics 2015 23.11.15
116 Dr. TaekoOguma Consultant

Dr. YasuyukiFujino Thematic Manager

(Health and Nutrition)

Save the Children Japan

Dr. Han Lin Zaw Deputy Project Manager, Health,

Save the Children

Infant Young Children Feeding and Livelihood program and evaluation 116/Ethics 2015 8.12.15
117 Assoc Prof. Bill Pritchard

Human Geography University of Sidney

Explaining Food and Nutrition Insecurity under Conditions of Rapid Economic and Social Change: A Nutrition-Sensitive Analysis of Livelihood Decision-making in rural


117/Ethics 2015 8.12.15
118 Dr. Kay Thwe Han DD


Efficacy and safety of artemeter- lumefantrine and dihydro artemisinin- piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria and chloroquine for P. vivax in

Buthidaung, Rakhine State (51/Ethics 2013)

118/Ethics 2015 11.12.15
119 Dr. Kay Thwe Han DD


Efficacy           and           safety           of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Thandaung,  Kayin State in Myanmar (52/Ethics


119/Ethics 2015 11.12.15
120 Dr. Aung Zaw Latt RS, DMR

Dr. Nyi Nyi Win RO, DMR

Detection of Drug-Resistant Mutations of Hepatitis B Virus Isolates from Myanmar HBV Carriers 120/Ethics 2015 11.12.15
121 Dr. Myat Phone Kyaw


Dr. Kyi Maw Than RO


Readiness of the local volunteers in malaria elimination: Preliminary study in Ayeyarwaddy and Sagaing Region 121/Ethics 2015 18.12.15
122 Dr. Kyaw Ko Ko Htet



Cost estimation for tuberculosis contact tracing in Mandalay City, Myanmar 122/Ethics 2015 23.12.15
123 Dr. Khin Phyu Phyu Director


Promoting    Environmental    Health    in Arsenic contaminated areas in Myanmar 123/Ethics 2015 28.12.15
124 Dr. Kyaw Oo Director DMR (POL) Knowledge, attitude, practices and coverage of maternal, newborn and child health care at selected townships

in southern Chin State

124/Ethics 2015 28.12.15
125 Dr. Tin Aung

Senior Director

Strategic Services Division/

PSI Myanmar

Assessment   of   injection   behaviors in

people    who   inject    drugs   in    Kalay Township, Myanmar



126 Dr. May Me Thet Senior Research Manager Strategic Information Department/

PSI Myanmar

FP WATCH Family Planning Outlet Survey 2016 126/Ethics 2015 28.12.15