No. Title PI/Designation
1 Study on the effect of HIV/AIDS on Socio economic Situation of HIV affected Households Dr Yin Thet Nu Oo

Dr Kyu Kyu Than

2 Evaluation  of  complementary  effect  of  Traditional  Medicine formulation to Category II Regime in TB Treatment Dr Khin Chit
3 The Role of Merozoite Surface Protein(MSP) Malaria Antibody in treatment response of uncomplicated malaria in Myanmar Dr Khin Myo Aye
4 Patterns, Outcomes and Contributing factors of Asphyxia among Newborns delivered at Central Women Hospital, Yangon during 2009-2011 Dr Myo Myo Mon
5 Utilization pattern of drinking water in rural households of arsenic contaminated areas and their awareness on arsenic contamination Dr Ye Hein Htet
6 Betal quid chewing in a selected township Dr Ko Ko Zaw
7 Determination  of  Human  Papillomavirus  (HPV)  genotypes  in anogenital tumours in men and women Dr Mu Mu Shwe
8 Communication  network  for  disaster  preparedness  towards protecting human health from climate change among community members and service providers Dr Le Le Win
9 Molecular characterization of Chikungunya virus in Myanmar Dr Aung ZawLatt
10 Acute kidney injury in children with dengue haemorrhagic fever in a tertiary care centre Dr Win Lei May
11 Male participation in improving maternal and child health Dr Myo Myo Mon
12 Use of IS 6110 PCR assay for rapid diagnosis of genitourinary TB Dr Toe Lwin
13 Cluster randomized trial on the use of community volunteers for cardiovascular disease prevention and control in villages lacking health staff in Myanmar Dr Ohnmar
14 Factors contributing towards  urinary  iodine  level in pregnant women in coastal region Dr Theingi Thwin
15 Assessment of GP’s participation on TB management and treatment outcome in PPM DOTS in Myanmar: Patients’ perspective Dr Thet Naing Maung
16 Detection  of  dengue,  measles,  rubella,  parvovirus  B  19  and Chikungunya in children with fever and rash admitted to Yangon Children Hospital antibody testing in serum and oral fluids, Myanmar 2012 Dr Mo Mo Win
18 Detection  of  Day  3  parasite  positivity  of  artemisinin  based combination therapy(ACT) in MARC programme areas, Myanmar, 2012 Dr Kay Thwe Han
19 Detection of Tricothecenes(T-2) mycotoxin in selected preparations of peanuts Dr Lai Lai San
20 Monitoring of residual blast cells in leukaemia by real time PCR Dr Win Pa Pa Naing
21 Improvement of patient safety through adverse drug reaction monitoring among general practitioners in Yangon Region Dr Min Wunn
22 Significance of some prognostic markers in histologically proven breast cancer patients Dr Moh Moh Htun
23 Virulence gene pattern of H Pylori among gastric cancer patients Dr Wah Wah Aung
24 Thyroid hormone profile and thyroglobulin in CA thyroid patients six months after radiotherapy Dr Aye Aye Yee
25 Improved DHF  control at  schools  using  an  integrated  vector management(IVM) approach with community participation Dr Sai Zaw Min Oo
26 Exploratory  study  on  Plasmodium  knowlesei  infection  among suspected malaria cases in selected township in Myanmar Dr Khin Saw Aye
27 Pilot studies of the molecular epidemiology of drug resistant malaria in Myanmar Dr Ye Htut
28 Establishment of monitoring system for drug resistant malaria: Identification of genetic markers in drug resistant falciparum and vivax malaria Dr Ye Htut
29 Women and leadership: the experience of being a woman leader in Myanmar & perception of women leadership by communities across Myanmar society Roisin Furlong
30 Establishment   of   molecular   strain   typing   methods   for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Myanmar Dr Wah Wah Aung