Documentations to be submitted


  1. Signed and dated Ethics Review Proposal form
  2. A statement of agreement to comply with ethical principles set out in relevant guidelines
  3. All significant previous decision made by other ethical committee*
  4. Proposal summary not more than two pages
  5. The protocol of the proposed research together with supporting documents and annexes
  6. Grant amount with estimated budget breakdown
  7. Informed consent forms*, Assent forms*, Permission forms*
  8. Information to be provided to participant concerning research samples*
  9. Consent/Assent document for taking/keeping biological samples*
  10. Forms and questionnaires intended for research participants*
  11. Materials for recruitment of participants*
  12. Relevant documents and tools/products for the study*
  13. Material Transfer Agreement*
  14. Data Transfer Agreement*
  15. Copy of MOU/LOA*
  16. Investigators’ curriculum vitae (updated, signed and dated) with recent passport size photo


(* If applicable)

No.  7, 8, 9 and 10 must be submitted in both English and Myanmar language

  • All of the above should be submitted in one continuous document with consecutive page numbers and a contents page.
  • 18 complete hard copies should be submitted.